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Feeding Guinea Pig

Petagree Pet Sitting Services

We are a family run pet sitting service. Petagree Pet Sitting is licensed, bonded, and insured. Certified for pet CPR & first aid and a member of Pet Sitters International.

White Cat


  • COMPLIMENTARY ACQUAINTANCE Interview for New Clients.

  • We do follow COVID Protocols! We'll get to know you and your pet(s) and review your pet's feeding routine, medical history, home care, and plant watering schedule.

  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Holiday Visits

  • 1-2 Visits Per Day


  • Mail & Newspaper Collection

  • Security Checks around your home

  • Light, blind, or curtain alteration

  • Trash to/from the curb

  • Plant & Lawn Watering


  • Pet Visit Fee: $30: 20-30 minutes for 1-2 pets

  • Additional Pets: $5 each

  • Special Care: $5 minimum (cost depends on services needed)

  • Review of Services: $30 (for new pets or if you have moved)

  • KEYs: Pick up/Drop Off: $15 (or keys may be held for future visits)

  • Medication Administration: $5 minimum (cost depends on the type & how administered)

  • Please Contact Petagree for an Estimate!


  • Lots of Love, Attention & Playtime!

  •  Fresh Water, Food, Treats, & Special diets followed

  • Dog Walking

  • Yard & Litter box Clean up

  • Medication Administration


  • Acquaintance Interview: At least 2 weeks minimum Notice - 50% due to Hold Reservation.

  • Visits: Minimum 48 hour Notice (1 week is preferred)

  •  Holidays: Minimum 2 week Notice (one month is advised as we book up quickly)

  •  Last-minute reservations: may be considered at additional charge, depending on availability


  • Visits: Minimum 48 hour Notice or visit fees will be charged

  • Holidays: Minimum 2 week Notice

What Our Clients Say

Dog Walker
IMG_1436 2.jpeg

Catalina Guirado-Cheadle

We always use Petagree when we are out of town. We are pet sitters ourselves So we have really high standards of what we look for and Petagree matches them. Our cats are always happy and well looked after. Can't recommend them enough!

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