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Welcome to Petagree Pet Sitting!

Petagree Pet Sitting is a family run professional pet sitting service

providing tender loving care for your pets in the comfort of your own home.


Your "Pet" will "Agree" that Home is the Best Place to be!


  •      Licensed - Bonded - Insured

  •      Certified in Pet First Aid and CPR

  •      Member of Pet Sitter's International

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We have the know-how you need.

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Petagree Pet Sitting was established in 1980 by Dina DeSanctis as a teenager and is based on Mt. Washington in Los Angeles. Our mission is to provide your pets Personalized care and you Peace of Mind while you're away on vacation or business trip. In-Home Pet Care is the kennel alternative and allows you to feel guilt-free knowing your pets are comfortable and safe in their familiar surroundings.

Dina DeSanctis

Dina DeSanctis is a Los Angeles native who has over 30 years of experience in animal care. She now continues her legacy with her daughter Megan making this a local family-run business. 

Dina previously worked as a veterinary assistant and is experienced in looking after pets with special needs such as cancer, hip issues, diabetes, etc. She is experienced in looking after all breeds of dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles, rodents, horses to potbelly pigs, and chickens! As a professional psychotherapist, she is naturally empathic to those suffering from animal loss and animals that are missing their owners.





Megan DeSanctis-Monson

Megan DeSanctis-Monson is an avid animal lover with many years of experience in pet care. She's

helped Mom take care of pets as long as she can remember. In 3rd grade she fell in love with a German Shepherd pet client named 'Maja' and developed a deep bond playing fetch in their

backyard, which is why many years later she has a Shepherd of her own. She grew up with many pets including a PitBull/Rottweiler mix, a Cocker Spaniel, many Labs, and a Maine Coon cat. Megan loves spending time with her German Shepherd 'Luna', Beauceron 'Sapphire', Golden Retriever 'Honey', calico cat 'Amber', 2 bunnies 'Mocha' and 'Hershey' and Senegal Parrot 'Angel'. She is also an equestrian and loves training and jumping her Thoroughbred 'Ringo'. Megan is patient, kind, caring and passionate about pets of all shapes and sizes!






We are based in Mt Washington & serve the following areas:

  • Mt Washington

  • Highland Park

  • Eagle Rock

  • Monterey Hills

  • Montecito Heights

  • South Pasadena

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